At the beginning of the pandemic, UNOCHR engaged Ataro Consulting to create a series of virtual education events for Human Rights Defenders to bring field personnel from several East and West African Countries to connect and share ideas. This was going to be their first time hosting their events virtually. Ataro was involved from concept […]


OAFLAD is the Organisation of African First Ladies For Development. The first ladies hold an annual meeting. OAFLAD held their 24th General Meeting at the onset of the pandemic. As a high-level event that gathers all the first ladies in Africa, they needed a trusted consultant to keep away online invaders and ensure confidentiality. OAFLAD […]


Rise and Lead Summit was launched as an event organised by Ataro. Rise and Lead Women hosts a series of events to empower women leaders and connect leaders. Eby Medi team works together with the Rise and Lead Women team to produce these events. Rise and Lead have hosted 4 conferences for which Ataro Events […]


We conducted a full-service event planning from conception to delivery including the Tech setup. We produced a series of events ranging from 3 to 5 days.


Event Type: Brand Activation UPS engaged Ataro to create an event focused on empowering female entrepreneurs in Europe and Africa. Collaborative marketing plans and 4 standalone bonus episodes. Weekly episodes profiled ‘Female entrepreneurs showcasing interviews with female sellers on the platform and UPS Global Publicity.

7 Tips for a Smooth Online Virtual Meeting

Covid-19 has compelled people all around the world to move as many if not all their operations online. While WFH is not a new concept and a lot of companies, entrepreneurs and professionals have taken advantage of the internet to build their careers and businesses without leaving the comfort of their homes, for many, a […]

Should You Be Hosting Virtual Events?

In today’s fast-paced digital age, keeping up with the latest trends is vital for all businesses to prosper. Especially now more than ever is keeping up with significant digital trends. So what exactly am I talking about? Virtual events, like in-person events, can cover anything, but typically there are four types of virtual functions: virtual […]