Events Produced by Eby Media

Eby Media partners with decision-makers and event planners to co-create, produce and faacilitaate engaging virtual events.

Branded Events plus corporate partnership sourcing for Rise and Lead Women

Rise and Lead Women hosts a series of events to empower women leaders and connect leaders. Eby Medi team works together with the Rise and Lead Women team to produce these events.

Branded Event: International Consultant for UNDP

At the beginning of the pandemic, we were approached by United Nations to organise a series of online meetings and events for their engagement with human right defenders. The project lasted for one year, and through our work, we were referred to the OAFLAD.

Branded Event: Event Technical Support and Execution – OAFLAD

OAFLAD held their 24th General Meeting at the onset of the pandemic. As a high-level event that gathers all the first ladies in Africa where sensitive discussions were made, they needed a consultant they could trust to keep away online invaders and ensure confidentiality. WE were hired, and we delivered a fantastic one-day event in 2020. We were invited again to organise a 4-day event ending with the 25th general assembly. You can read what they had to say.

Event Co-Creation: UPS 1 day event to empower women’s entrepreneurs.

Collaborative marketing plans and 4 standalone bonus episodes. Weekly episodes profiled ‘Female entrepreneurs showcasing interviews with female sellers on the platform and UPS Global Publicity.


We conducted a full-service event planning from conception to delivery including the Tech setup. We produced a series of events ranging from 3 to 5 days.


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