OAFLAD is the Organisation of African First Ladies For Development. The first ladies hold an annual meeting. OAFLAD held their 24th General Meeting at the onset of the pandemic. As a high-level event that gathers all the first ladies in Africa, they needed a trusted consultant to keep away online invaders and ensure confidentiality.

OAFLAD secretariat engaged Ataro to organise and manage the meeting with a focus on online safety.

Being the first time they were using a virtual platform for such a high-level meeting, Ataro engaged in setting up, strategy and training members of the office of the first ladies plus 3 interpreters. The meeting lasted for 3 days and on the 3rd day was opened to the public and the media. We received an invitation again to organise a 4-day event ending with the 25th general assembly opened to the public and the media.

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